New Research finds that Peaches are a Super Food and good for Diabetics, High Cholesterol, Digestion, Skin, Anxiety, Menopause and more…

New Research finds that Peaches are a Super Food and good for Diabetics, High Cholesterol, Digestion, Skin, Anxiety, Menopause and more...

My RAW STAR Peach Cobbler is super delicious and nutritious! It literally takes only 5 minutes to make and is a no bake recipe, raw organic. It can be found in the new FREE Venio App for the iPhone and iPad very soon or in my current Eco Chef App for the iPhone and iPad or in my RAW STAR Recipe book available on Peaches are not in season now and don’t buy in can or frozen as you will find out why in the information below but when they are in season or if you can find them organic fresh you can enjoy them with amazing health benefits in moderation of course:

So ALL Of my recipes fall under different categories: Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free/Celiac, Lactose Intolerant, Soy Free,

100% ALL my recipes are Peanut Allergy I don’t use or have peanuts ever in any of my recipes on purpose.
Also ALL of my recipes are shellfish and seafood free are 100% Vegan.

I attached the JPG from my book page for Peach Cobbler to save time and photo of Peach Cobbler it has my Website in it so people can click on the photo
and get to Blog to get links, benefits, etc. This one would fall under GOOD FOR DIABETICS, OBESITY, CONSTIPATION, DIGESTION PROBLEMS, ANXIETY and MENOPAUSE, ARTHRITIS AND HIGH CHOLESTEROL. So it addresses several health conditions: GOOD FOR Anxiety, Menopause, Digestion, Constipation. Is now listed as a “Super Food” June 18 research found Peaches to be good for Diabetics but in moderation recent June 2012

“Our studies have shown that stone fruits — peaches, plums and nectarines — have bioactive compounds that can potentially fight the syndrome,” Cisneros-Zevallos said. “Our work indicates that phenolic compounds present in these fruits have anti-obesity, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties in different cell lines and may also reduce the oxidation of bad cholesterol LDL which is associated to cardiovascular disease.”

What is unique to these fruits, he said, is that their mixture of the bioactive compounds work simultaneously within the different components of the disease.

“Our work shows that the four major phenolic groups — anthocyanins, clorogenic acids, quercetin derivatives and catechins — work on different cells — fat cells, macrophages and vascular endothelial cells,” he explained. “They modulate different expressions of genes and proteins depending on the type of compound.

“However, at the same time, all of them are working simultaneously in different fronts against the components of the disease, including obesity, inflammation, diabetes and cardiovascular disease,” he explained.

Cisneros-Zevallos said this is believed to be the first time that “bioactive compounds of a fruit have been shown to potentially work in different fronts against a disease.” Peaches are good for Diabetics but in moderation and raw fresh organic NOT canned or frozen which proves the benefits of eating Raw Organic Fresh Whole Foods, Fruits and Vegetables and the science behind RAW STAR Recipes by Chef Bryan Au. These recipes are designed specifically to

address certain health conditions and often times are synergistic in healing many at the same time. Moderation is important and essential as well as consulting with your health professional, doctor and physician. This is all informational and educational information it is not meant to diagnose or treat any disease and use of these recipes, app and information releases all liability from authors, app and people associated with this Venio App again this is a release of liability statement please consult your doctor before changing your diet or making a health decision and everyone is responsible for their own health and well being thank you.
“Sugar in Peaches: The added sugar in the processed or canned food is much more harmful than natural sugar of peaches. Diabetics can eat moderate amount of fresh peaches, but must stay away from canned and frozen varieties of peaches. They contain added sugar and other preservatives. One cup of serving of canned peach is equivalent to 160 calories and 32.55 grams of sugar.”

Adding Cinnamon helps to stablize and bring down blood sugar levels:

Be careful with cinnamon as it decreses blood sugar levels, can interact with other foods that do the same and can cause liver problems but in moderation raw organic cinnamon is healthy please consult with your doctor and health professional. Cinnamon can help with Diabetes but also lowering Cholesterol and Arthritis:

“For example, just half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day has previously been shown to significantly reduce blood sugar levels, triglycerides, LDL (bad) cholesterol, and total cholesterol levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

Other health benefits of cinnamon include:

• Supporting digestive function
• Relieving congestion
• Relieving pain and stiffness of muscles and joints
• Reducing inflammation and symptoms of arthritis
• Helping to prevent urinary tract infections, tooth decay and gum disease
• Relieving menstrual discomfort
• Stimulating circulation with blood-thinning compounds “


These are also more in depth recipe descriptions and ingredient benefits from my RAW STAR Recipes from the FREE Venio App!

These are also more in depth recipe descriptions and ingredient benefits from my RAW STAR Recipes from the FREE Venio App!

Simply click each recipe photo to get in depth background, story, health condition and ingredient benefit links. Here is an example for the:

Cream of Broccoli Soup

More information about the benefits of Broccoli, Olive Oil in the raw organic form, Avocado, Flax Seeds can be found here:

Rheumatoid Arthritis & Otheoarthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis there is no known cure and the cause is still unknown and it affects women 3 times as much as men. It can happen at any age but is more
common between the ages of 40 and 50. There are only remedies and foods that can help ease the pain and inflmattaion with Raw Organic Broccoli and Raw Organic
Flax Seeds being one of the best foods to help ease the inflammation, pain and perhaps help to reverse some of the symptoms.

“Osteoarthritis affects over 21 million people in the United States. Osteoarthritis occurs more frequently in males before age 45 and more frequently in females after age 55. All races in the United States appear to be affected equally by osteoarthritis. According to the American College of Rheumatology, 70% of people over the age of 70 have x-ray evidence of osteoarthritis.

“Approximately 2.1 million people in the United States have rheumatoid arthritis and about 1 to 2% of the world’s population are affected by rheumatoid arthritis. About 75% of rheumatoid arthritis patients are women. Men, women, and even children can develop rheumatoid arthritis, though. Typically, disease onset for rheumatoid arthritis occurs between 30 and 60 years of age.”

Avocados helps with both types of Arthritis and is anti-inflammatory while having many health benefits along with snacking on raw organic walnuts. Emphasis is placed on eating these foods, ingredients and recipes in their raw organic version because their nutrients, vitamins, minerals and health benefits are most available for the body to use when in their raw organic form when cooked, baked or deep fried they are actually destroyed and no longer available and can even be toxic, the cause of disease and carcinogenic due to high temperatures and high heat. Not to say don’t eat any cooked foods because that is not practical or realistic but rather the MAJOR POINT IS TO ADD MORE FRESH WHOLE UNCOOKED RAW ORGANIC fruits and vegetables with some nuts and seeds to your daily diet and food choices these Award Winning, Fast, Fun, Delicious Raw Organic Vegan recipes best helps you to maximize your dollar by also maximizing the available nutrients and health benefits your body needs and craves to heal, repair, regenerate and function properly. Most often what is happening is most people are eating primarily or mostly cooked, baked, fried, processed, packaged foods is obviously they are not getting any or enough raw organic nutrients, vitamins, minerals your body actually needs, wants and is defincient in. Once you can replenish or provide these needs in the raw form then your body can then heal, regenerate, rejuvenate and be healthy again. This is very logical and we ate raw organic food for millions of years so our body and DNA has actually adapted to this diet as being the most optimal yes we have become omnivores meaning we can eat a variety of foods but that does not mean we were designed to do that or that is healthy in fact we were designed to be herbivores and so the farther away we get from millions of years of adaptation and living the more diseases, problems, health conditions we get and now it has become a epidemic because for the most part only cooked, baked, fried, processed, packaged foods are the only ones available or advertised so raw organic food is not that available or emphasised in our society but as you can know plainly see with logic and science that it is very needed in our daily lives for optimal health and vitality. So please try our series of RAW STAR Recipes specially researched, created and designed by Celebrity Eco Chef Bryan Au for your health and benefits while having amazing gourmet flavors and enjoyments naturally! The point is to empower you to be able to eat and consume more raw organic foods that are healthy and good for you in a fun delicious easy way to BALANCE OUT all the cooked, baked, deep fried, processed and packaged foods you are now eating. Hopefully you will enjoy the instant energy, anti-aging, health benefits, “feel good” effects instantly like millions of other people do and will go further with RAW STAR Foods and RAW STAR Recipes and RAW STAR Diet so that you minimize and eat less of the harmful unhealthy other foods and create a more balanced and healthy diet and daily lifestyle. That is the point and intention of RAW STAR Recipes and Diet created by Celebrity Eco Chef Bryan Au who has won Awards and is one of the best in the world. That is why he chose to team up with to empower, to create awareness and access for millions of people and the world to learn and enjoy true health and well being the best gift in the world!

Hi Welcome to Raw Star Recipes with Eco Chef Bryan Au

Welcome to Raw Star Recipes with Eco Chef Bryan Au

Welcome to Raw Star Recipes with Eco Chef Bryan Au

Hi I am known as Eco Chef Bryan Au it was a name coined by the media and it kind of stuck because all of my recipes are the most environmentally friendly and healthy in the world! There is no cooking, they are 100% Vegan and Gluten Free and only 5 to 10 minutes to make. I invented totally new recipes and techniques to “rawck your world” with amazing new flavors, textures and of course Raw Star Recipes. Because now you are the Star in the kitchen! These recipes are raw organic vegan gluten free because uncooked raw organic fruits and vegetables with some nuts and seeds provides the most bio-available nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body actually needs, craves and wants in order to properly function, prevent and reverse diseases or modern health conditions and we ate this way for millions of years! Although we became omnivores and became a society that primarily markets and eats cooked, baked and processed foods these just do not provide the raw bio-available nutrients our bodies has adapted to for Millions of years and our DNA has also adapted to for peak performance, health and vitality. I am not saying don’t eat any cooked, baked or packaged foods but what I am saying is please balance it out and add more healthy, fun and delicious raw organic or what I can RAW STAR Recipes and Foods to your daily food choices! Logically speaking adding more healthy raw uncooked yet delicious gorumet foods and recipes will help anti-age you, rejuvenate, re-energize and keep away or help reverse many modern day diseases and conditions caused by the very foods you eat! Now there are healthier and easier RAW STAR Recipe versions for you to enjoy and share with loved ones. Try something new, something fresh, something health, something amazing and welcome to the RAW STAR Recipe adventure! You will notice instant health benefits and improvements even after the very first meal, snack or dessert and it will motivate you to go further. Join the Millions of people that already love my RAW STAR Recipe Book, FREE Venio App, Eco Chef App, my Eco Chef Bryan Au TV Show Series on The Roku Channel or Online and soon my RAW STAR Cafe in Los Angeles and San Francisco and my Major Documentary Movie or my popular Online Chef Class at!